8 Ways to Improve Your Sleep at Night

With the recent heat spell here in SoCal, I know that many people, myself included, have experienced some difficulty with sleep. If you're one of these people, check out these tips listed below so that you can wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Strategies to Prepare for a Good Night's Sleep:

1) Avoid screens at least 30 minutes before bed:

That's right, turn off those cell phones and get off those laptops. I see you scrolling on that Instagram Feed- make it a habit to put your phone on airplane mode at least 30 minutes before bed time.

2) Utilize orange light bulbs.

We turn off all of our normal bright lights around 8pm. In our bathroom we have a red heating light bulb that is really soothing on the eyes as you get ready for bed. We've definitely had some guests accidentally turn on the red light and give out a surprised, "Hello Roxanne!" And that just makes it more fun.

3) Drink Chelated Magnesium.

This one works for me every time. About 30 minutes before bed, mix 1 tsp of magnesium chelated powder into a glass of water and drink up. It doesn't have any taste and is highly absorbed. You can get is for less that $4 from your local pharmacy/ drug store. This is the one we use.

4) Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps.

Take this tip with a grain of salt. (BuDumChh!) I love my himalayan rock salt lamp. We turn it on every evening and the idea is that the salt releases negative ions in the air which can help improve sleep, ease allergies, and improve air quality. I know that the scientific evidence to back up this claim is limited, but it makes the atmosphere of the room so lovely.

5) Set a kitchen curfew.

You have some cereal in your cupboard? Great, keep it for the morning. Although it's super tempting to indulge in some late night crunchies, encourage yourself to stop eating at least two hours before going to bed. Is your body is busy digesting food when you're trying to sleep, you're going to have a disturbed rest.

6) Utilize fans when sleeping.

Not only does a fan assist in keeping the room cool, the white noise can be calming.

7) Cover or Move Mirrors.

This one's a little hippy-dippy, but it has worked for me. If you have any mirrors that are facing you when you sleep and you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night, try either rearranging your furniture so that the mirror isn't facing your bed, or simply cover the mirror with a blanket. The idea is that mirrors are portals of energy, and if you are trying to sleep in front of one, your own energy will be reflecting off the mirror and could result in disturbed sleep.