Boost Your Metabolism with these Three Yoga Poses!

Oh metabolism- that mysterious thing that our body does to magically burn fat. Some of us can stay stick skinny after eating a cheeseburger, while some of us fear we will get fat if we lick a date. While some are naturally gifted with a killer metabolism, there is good news-

you CAN boost your metabolism!

As a yoga instructor, I am sharing three of the best moves you can do to improve your thyroid functionality, which plays a significant role in your body's metabolism and energy regulation.

1) Plow Pose

How to: Begin lying on your back. Use your core to bring your legs up and over your head. Support your lower back with your hands and you straighten your legs and reach your toes towards the floor. Your hands can remain on your lower back or press onto the ground.

Yogi Benefit: This posture increases circulation in the thyroid, adrenal, and pituitary glands, resulting in a rush of endorphins.

2) Shoulder Stand

How to: From Plow position, bend your knees and support your tailbone with your hands as you lift your feet up towards the ceiling. Keep your head and neck straight to avoid injury. You should feel the weight in your hands, triceps, and upper back, but not your neck.

Yogi Benefit: This posture stretches the back and neck, increases circulation, reduces imbalance, reduces anxiety and depression, improves mood, and nourishes the thyroid gland.

Super Batter owner Amby teaches Forehead to Knee pose as one of the best three yoga moves to improve thyroid functionality.
Forehead to Knee: Yoga for Metabolism

3) Forehead to Knee

How to: Stand with with your hips square to the front of the mat. Raise your biceps by your ears and interlace your fingers. Reach out with a long spine down towards your front foot, and bend your knee so that you can press your forehead on the knee. Tuck your chin into your chest.

Yogi Benefit: The key here is in the throat lock position from the chin being tucked into the chest. This compression of the throat and abs revs up that metabolism.

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Super Batter Matcha Superfood Pancake & Waffle Mix

4) Diet

In addition to yoga, we can also eat certain foods to burn fat.

One awesome ingredient for this is Matcha, which boosts metabolism and burns calories.

I highly recommend Super Batter's Matcha Superfood Pancake & Waffle Mix. It is paleo, gluten-free, has no sugar added, and is delicious. You won't believe that it's healthy!

So that's it! Roll out your mat, do some yoga, and treat yourself with something healthy!


Super Batter Co-Founder

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